2014 Digital Aerial Orthoimagery of Wyandotte County, KS

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Originator: Fugro GeoSpatial, Inc
Publication_Date: 20150126
Title: 2014 Digital Aerial Orthoimagery of Wyandotte County, KS
Publication_Place: Kansas City, MO
Publisher: Mid America Regional Council
2014 digital aerial orthoimagery in 4-band (RGB and IR) format at 0.5’ pixel resolution of Wyandotte County, KS. Complete coverage of County is provided in ¼ section-based tiles. Tiles are stitched together seamlessly, with some overlap. Wyandotte County imagery was flown over several days in March 2014. Pushbroom acquisition technology was used (and this created in some areas noticeable building ‘tilt’ and some stretching artifacts in moving vehicles captured by the sensor). A Leica ADS80 SH82 Digital Camera system including an inertial measuring unit (IMU) and a dual frequency airborne GPS receiver was used for the digital image acquisition. Imagery acquisition was performed March 13, 2014 thru March 20, 2014 at 4800 feet AMT (above mean terrain), with 30 percent sidelap between the flight lines. Ground control survey was provided by Mid America Regional Council and David Mason and Associates. Digital orthophotos in 8-bit 4-band GeoTIFF format were produced with a resolution of 0.5 foot utilizing the ADS80 SH82 imagery and client provided LiDAR DEM. This image data is the result of private and government entities working together under the guidance of Mid America Regional Council GIS Division. Fugro Geospatial, Inc. acquired Digital Imagery with sensor Leica Geosystems ADS80 SH82 for areas of the Kansas City Metropolitan Regional Aerial Photography project area March 13, 2014 - April 13, 2014. The project encompassed an area of approximately 5,253 square miles. The project area consists of all or part of Cass, Jackson, Clay, Platte, Buchanan, and Andrew Counties in Missouri, and Miami, Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Jefferson, and Shawnee Counties in Kansas.
Purpose: The orthophotos will be used for GIS and planning.
Beginning_Date: 20140313
Ending_Date: 20140320
Currentness_Reference: Date of Photography
Progress: Complete
Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency: None planned
West_Bounding_Coordinate: -94.908726
East_Bounding_Coordinate: -94.588359
North_Bounding_Coordinate: 39.202788
South_Bounding_Coordinate: 38.991464
Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: None
Theme_Keyword: Orthophoto
Theme_Keyword: Aerial Photography
Theme_Keyword: Digital Imagery
Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: ISO 19115 Topic Categories
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Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: Geographic Names Information System
Place_Keyword: MO
Place_Keyword: KS
Access_Constraints: None
Unified Government of Wyandotte Co./Kansas City, KS (UG) makes no representations or warranties about this data or its content, including, without limitation: accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any purpose. Users of this data do so at their own risk; UG will not be liable to any such user for any loss or damage whatsoever.
Contact_Organization: GeoSpatial Services
Address_Type: mailing and physical
Address: 710 North 7th Street, Suite 200
City: Kansas City
State_or_Province: KS
Postal_Code: 66101
Country: US
Contact_Voice_Telephone: 913-573-2941
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: 913-573-4106
Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address: gss@wycokck.org
Hours_of_Service: 8am-5pm, Central Time

Native RGB and IR values were collected using a greater than 12-bit range of colors. The histogram of these native ranges was stretched, based on flight date, to allow for mosaicking the imagery together, and allows for a more even color balance going through Inpho OrthoVista. The streched dyanmic range was utilized throughout the processing to allow for as much back-end manipulation based on client needs. The final data had a color curve applied that mapped the greater dyanmic range to the deliverable 8-bit per band range in the clipping stage. The final data is in 4-band 8-bits per band format.
Logical_Consistency_Report: Tiling is based on 5000 ft x 5000 ft sheets.
Completeness_Report: Complete
The orthophotography meets ASPRS Class 1 Accuracy Standards for 1:1200 scale mapping, with a limiting RMSE of 1' in either X or Y directions. The data is generally accurate to 2 pixels, or plus or minus 1 foot. There may be instances that are higher or lower than this generally accuracy.
Originator: Fugro Geospatial, Inc.
Publication_Date: 20150126
Title: Kansas City Metropolitan Regional Aerial Photography Project
Source_Scale_Denominator: 1200
Type_of_Source_Media: None
Beginning_Date: 20140313
Ending_Date: 20140320
Source_Currentness_Reference: Date of Photography
Source_Citation_Abbreviation: Ortho Imagery
Source_Contribution: ADS80 SH82
The Leica GeoSystems XPro software was used for downloading and preparing imagery collected with the ADS80 Airborne Digital Sensor for softcopy photogrammetric use. The raw image was download in the field with XPro to a portable workstation. This enabled a quick look at image quality and coverage. Using the Leica Geosystems IPAS software package the GPS data was differentially processed against a base station. After the differential GPS solution was checked and verified the Leica Geosystems IPAS program was used to compute an integrated GPS/IMU navigation solution at one-second intervals. Using the GPS/IMU trajectory computed by the Leica Geosystems IPAS software and the camera calibration, XPro computed a full x,y,z, omega,phi,kappa exterior orientation of each scan line. Using the orientation data file produced the L0 imagery was resampled. The resampling removes most aircraft motion and provides epipolar geometry imagery for stereo viewing and automated aerotriangulation. A fully automatic aerotriangulation process was performed to minimize the residual errors in the GPS/IMU derived exterior orientations. The aerotriangulation also allowed the introduction of ground control and checkpoints to ensure the accuracy specifications were achieved. Automated aerotriangulation of ADS80 imagery was performed with the Socet Set Automatic Point Measurement (APM) tool. A digital elevation model (DEM) was required for orthophoto production. DEM data was provided by the client, the DEM data was re-formateed to the required data format for XPro Orthophoto Generation processes. Orthophotos were generated utilizing Leica Geosystem XPro software. Orthos strips were created in UTM Zone 15 meters. The ortho strips were brought into InPho Ortho Vista for a global tilting and initial color balance. The initial color balance was done in three blocks of data, and the three blocks of color balanced ortho strips were balanced together by overlapping some strips of data in ajoining blocks. The color balanced orthophoto strips were mosaiced together using proprietary image database and mosaicing software. There were five image database files that were completed in order to maintian efficiency and allow mjultiple editors to work on the image seamline and atrifact removal processing. The databases were edited for seamlines, and other artifacts. After the seamline and atrifact removal process were completed, the data was clipped to a processing orthophoto tile layout for final QC, any errors that were caught in the final QC were edited, and a final clip of the imagery was completed. The imagery was clipped out of the database into the tile layout provided by the client. After the clipping stage, the coordinate system and georeferencing were embedded into the header of the TIFF file. The imagery tiles were QCed and delivered on an External Hard Drive.
Process_Date: 20150126
Contact_Organization: Fugro Geospatial, Inc
Contact_Person: Michael Larson
Contact_Position: Project Manager
Address_Type: mailing and physical
Address: 4350 Airport Road
City: Rapid City
State_or_Province: South Dakota
Postal_Code: 57703
Country: US
Contact_Voice_Telephone: 605-343-0280
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: 605-343-0305
Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address: mlarson@fugro.com
Hours_of_Service: 8am-5pm Mountain Time

Raster_Object_Type: Grid Cell
Row_Count: 10000
Column_Count: 10000
Vertical_Count: 4

Entity_and_Attribute_Overview: 0.5 foot pixel resolution Orthophotography
Entity_and_Attribute_Detail_Citation: Not Applicable

Resource_Description: Kansas City Metropolitan Regional Aerial Photography Project
Unified Government of Wyandotte Co./Kansas City, KS (UG) makes no representations or warranties about this data or its content, including, without limitation: accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any purpose. Users of this data do so at their own risk; UG will not be liable to any such user for any loss or damage whatsoever.

Metadata_Date: 20150126
Metadata_Standard_Name: FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998
Metadata_Time_Convention: local time

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